Hosting and support services

Find that your website isn’t working as it should? Links breaking, never ending error 404 page, outdated code, hosting companies not helping and you cannot take it on yourself. Terra Digital offers support and maintenance to help keep customers clicking, products moving, services solid and your team connected to the online world 24/7/365. Give us the broken pieces and let us put them back together.

Terra Digital - digital support agency Cape Town

How it works


The goal of the Terra Digital support team is to review the current structure and future requirements of the client’s brand. Knowing who is responsible for what, why and how allows the Terra support team to tackle even the most complex of support requirements.


Online brand support is complicated and can cause scope creep if not managed accordingly. Implementing the correct service providers, trained professionals to deal with them and an easily adaptable model requires fail safe procedures.


The final stage of support is built on longevity and bespoke solutions that integrate with clientele systems and platforms. Terra support creates solutions which allows clients to focus on revenue, customers and building their brand while the Terra support team handles behind the scenes processes that keeps business booming.

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